CBSE: There will be an activity calendar for schools across the country

CBSE: There will be an activity calendar for schools across the country

CBSE News : There will be an activity calendar for CBSE schools across the country. Under this, the children of all the schools including the district will be associated with various activities. CBSE has prepared activity calendar for every month.

Through this, children will be connected with Indian culture, life skills, mental health to toys and technology. A list of different activities and their benefits has been prepared for the month of December. This calendar has been made available to the schools. All schools have been instructed to conduct activities under this. CBSE says that through this initiative has been taken to enrich children emotionally, socially and culturally.

CBSE Academic Director Dr. Joseph has given instructions to all the schools regarding this. It is said that even though children are taught from different books in schools, but under the new education policy, all children have to be made emotionally, socially and culturally rich. In such a situation, one type of activity will be conducted in all the schools. Not only this, all the schools will also share their achievements with each other through these activities. An activity calendar for the year 2023 has been prepared for the whole year. Under this, all schools will conduct programs and upload them on the CBSE website.

A student has to be involved in at least 2 to 3 activities:

CBSE has directed that all schools will ensure that every child is included in it. Not only this, a child has to be involved in at least 2 to 3 activities. For this, all schools will appoint a nodal teacher and these activities will be carried out under his leadership.

These activities will happen in different months:

In February, activities will be conducted on Leadership Program and Heritage India and in March on Life, Health and Well Being and Indian Culture. In April, the expression series will run, in which there will be activities of skill development along with toys and technology. There will be an Adolescent Summit in April and May in which programs on mental health safety, gender equality will be organized. There will also be a program on Science, Environment and Sustainability in May itself. There will be different activities on India Vision in July. Along with this there will be programs on life skills. In August, activities will be conducted on Startups based on Mathematics for Enabling of Better World and in September under Reading Challenge. A story telling competition will also be organized in September itself. There will be activity on Technology and Toys in October-November. Activity on disaster risk is also to be done in October itself. At the same time, there will be activity on the health topic at the end of November. Annual conference of Sahodaya School Complex will be held in December regarding all these activities. It will include schools and children doing better in different activities.

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