CBSE implements new policy for recognition of schools

CBSE implements new policy for recognition of schools

Schools will get affiliation from CBSE only if there are facilities like fire safety, cleanliness, drinking water, lab, library and playground. Videography of these facilities will have to be done by drone. The video will be of total 33 minutes. After this the inspection team of CBSE will verify these facilities, then the schools will get affiliation or recognition.

CBSE has issued new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the session 2024-25 for granting recognition to schools. A total of 11 points have been kept in it. It will be mandatory for schools to fulfill these. Schools will also be scrutinized by the board, which were given affiliation after inspection through online medium during the Corona period. There are about two hundred such schools in the whole of Bihar.

Earlier recognition was given after physical examination

Let us inform that till now the affiliation was given to the schools after physical examination by the board. Now the new SOP has been issued. This will also apply to the schools which have got affiliation so far. Those schools which apply for renewal of recognition will also have to get videography done.

Videography of school building by drone

The board has made it clear that videography will be done according to the points for which the time has been fixed for videography. Videos shot by the schools or videos not to be made by adding. Videography of the entire school building is to be done simultaneously by drone. Facilities related to differently-abled students and boundary wall of the school are also mandatory to be included in the video.

The points in the 33-minute video will be:

1. Correctly write the name of the school, main gate, boundary wall of the school, parking, assembly area – five minute video

2. Playground, facilities for outdoor and indoor games – three minutes
3. Science, Computer Science, Maths Lab, regular signature of children on lab register – five minutes

4. Library, books of all subjects, magazines, number of books – two minutes
5. Toilets, toilets for disabled students, toilets on every floor of the school – three minutes

6. Arrangement of drinking water – two minutes
7. Fire Extinguisher – 2 minute video

8. Number and size of classes – Three minutes (Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary)
9. Game facility, auditorium, rest room – two minutes

10. Interaction facility for students – three minutes
11. Document verification facility – five minutes

CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi said that a new SOP has been issued for affiliation. Now videography of every school will be done. He will be investigated. Many times affiliation is taken by the school by giving wrong information. This will be stopped.

Chairman of Independent School of Bihar CB Singh said that the instruction to get videography done by drone is the right step. This will expose many schools. Because by giving wrong information to the board, many schools get affiliation. This harms the parents and increases the number of flying students. With the new guideline issued by CBSE, facilities related to children will be developed in schools.

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