Career in Fabric Designing: If you like creativity, then make a career in fabric designing, know how to be successful in this field

Fabric Designing Career: Nowadays the passion towards fashion is increasing. In the fashionable world, clothes are not only used to cover the body but also symbolize our personality, business and social status. The color, quality and design of clothes tell a lot about a person. When it comes to looking presentable, people use fabric design (Fabric Design) pays great attention to. Due to the increasing craze for fashion, 51 percent growth was registered in this sector even during the Corona period. Job market data shows that the demand for professional fabric designers has increased over the years. If you like to give a creative look to the fabric by understanding the fashion trends, then you too can be a fabric designer (Fabric Designer) can be made.

If you want to make a career in Fabric Designing then this article is for you. In this you will get all the information related to fabric designing. If you want to establish yourself in this field like Tarun Tahiliani, Rohit Bal, Ritu Beri, Malini Ramani, Manoviraj Khosla etc., then fabric designing can be a great career option for you. The popularity of fabric designing courses among the youth is increasing continuously. Through this course you can make a career in the fashion industry.

Fabric Designer: Work Profile

The fabric designer understands the clothing and uses it according to the fashion trends. Her creativity is reflected in the fabric. Although this work is somewhat similar to that of a fashion designer, but fabric designers work with the quality of the fabric as well as to engrave the design on the fabric properly. He closely supervises the printing, dyeing, embroidering and design process of the fabric. Nowadays, apart from creating a 3D effect on the fabric, fabric designers are experimenting with different types of threads.

personal skills

1. To get success in this field, it is very important for the candidate to be creative. Every day project is a new challenge for a fabric designer, so he has to think differently every time.

2. To move ahead in career, it is necessary to know about different types of patterns. Looking at the market trend, along with creating new and different patterns, one should come to use fusion art on the fabric.

3. For success in this field it is important to understand the need of the client. If your designs become a hit then you can get exorbitant prices. If your design became a hit, then your career is set.

4. To keep doing new experiments with fabric, one should be aware of the fashion trends going on in the country and abroad.

5. Apart from keeping an eye on the fashion market, it is necessary to have knowledge of color, thread and different types of fabric.

Eligibility for the course

If you want to become a fabric designer then you should do textile related course. To take admission in the course, the candidate must be 12th pass. If you want to do fabric designing course, then first you have to do degree course in textile or B.Sc Home Science. Nowadays many institutes offer textile related courses. Generally, admission in the course is taken on the basis of written examination and interview, although there is a slight difference in some institutes.

top courses

  • Undergraduate Diploma in Textile and Fashion Design
  • Undergraduate Diploma in Textile Design
  • Diploma in Textile Design and Technology
  • Diploma in Textile Designing
  • Diploma in Fashion and Textile Design
  • Advance Diploma in Textile Designing
  • Advance Diploma in Textile Design and Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Apparel Designing
  • BSc in Fabric Design
  • Master in Fabric Designing

career prospect

There are many career opportunities in this field. After completing the course, candidates can make a great career in the fashion industry. Job opportunities are also available abroad. Central and state governments are also promoting this sector. In such a situation, there is no shortage of jobs for the fabric designer. From garment manufacturing companies to fashion designing agencies, export houses and retail centers, there are plenty of job opportunities.

After doing the course, candidates can work in the posts like Textile Lab Manager, Fabric or Textile Designer, Fabric Resource Manager, Printing and Dyeing Consultant and Embroidery Designer. In this field work can be done as a freelancer. After a few days of training, there is an option to start your own business. Many earn a lot by opening boutiques, garment factories or export houses. A loan can be taken from the bank to start your business.

fabric designer earnings

Qualified fabric designer gets good salary. At the beginning of the career, 25 to 30 thousand rupees are easily available every month. As experience increases, income also increases. If people like your work, then you can get the price you ask for. According to the latest data from the job market, on an average, the entry level fabric designer gets an annual package of Rs 6 lakh, senior designer 9 lakh and lead designer Rs 15 lakh. The income of freelancers in this field depends on the project they get.

top institute

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • Academy of Fashion Studies, New Delhi
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi
  • Apeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi
  • Arch Academy of Fashion Art Design, Jaipur
  • Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur
  • Sophia BK Somani Polytechnic, Mumbai
  • Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur
  • Sophia BK Somani Polytechnic, Mumbai

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