Can you do job in UK? Know who will get the benefit of Young Professional Scheme

There is a great opportunity for the youth who are dreaming of jobs in UK. UK’s new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has launched a new scheme to give UK Visa to Indian youth. The name of this scheme is UK India Young Professional Scheme. This scheme will start from 2023. Under this, young professionals aged 18 to 30 will get a chance to work in the UK. Know who will get the benefit of Young Professional Scheme and what should be the qualification for this.

According to the statement released from the UK Prime Minister's Office, this is the first time that Britain and India are jointly running such a scheme. However, the detailed notification for this scheme has not yet been released. The British government says that India is the first country to benefit from such a scheme.

UK job eligibility

Visa will be given to young professionals in the age group of 18 to 30 years under the Young Professional Scheme. In this, 3000 youths will get visa. In this, youth having degree in related field will get a chance. After the release of the detailed notification, you will be able to see the eligibility related information. Its details will be released on the official

Candidates seeking jobs in UK will easily get visa under UK-India Young Professional Scheme. In this, youth will get a chance to work in UK for 2 years. Every year 3000 youths will get visa in this scheme.

Opportunity for young professionals

Let us tell you that it was told by tweeting from the office of PM Modi that there was a talk between Prime Minister Modi and the new PM of UK Rishi Sunak at the G20 Summit in Bali. It is being told on this basis that this scheme is being started to strengthen the relationship between India and Britain. This will give professionals an opportunity to work better and learn.

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