Board, UPSC, SSC, Bank…How to choose the right book for any exam preparation?

Research suggests that students seek guidance while selecting books for exam preparation. The selection of books is an essential process for the preparation of any exam. Wrong books can not only waste a lot of your time but also make you deviate from the goal. Be it UPSC, SSC, any other Sarkari Job Or any Exam Preparation…This article can help you. This will make it easier for you to choose the perfect book according to your need.

The perfect book for exam preparation is of instructional level, so that students can decode it and understand it easily. The book or guide should definitely be challenging enough that students can increase their knowledge and learn new vocabulary.

What is meant by correct book?

Those books can be rightly said to enable students to use different reading strategies rather than just decoding the words. Keep in mind, sometimes easy books do not prove effective in preparation and create boredom. However, to arouse interest in a subject, easy books can be used for some time.

Because if the students are not able to understand what they are studying then there is no point in studying. This is why the right book is extremely important for preparation.

How to choose the right book for you?

  • First take a look at the cover, book title and content.
  • See what is written in the book to increase your knowledge.
  • Scan text, view font size and unprinted area.
  • See page numbers and topic illustrations.
  • Before buying a book, read an entire page in the middle.

Sometimes it is difficult for students to know which book is perfect for them. For this you can take the help of your senior or teacher.

However, some questions can be asked to yourself before the book selection. For example, do you know most of the words? Is the book new to you? Do you understand a lot of book content? Are you interested in the book? Are you confused as to how any topic is explained in the book? Your answers will confirm whether the book is good or not.

Exam preparation and book selection

The reality is that choosing the right books to read is entirely a matter of personal preference. But when it comes to preparing for the exam, then one should carefully choose a book, study material or guide.

Therefore, one way to choose your option can be to talk to a well-known expert or a knowledgeable person in the field you are interested in. At times you have to do your homework and even legwork to get the right book. It is best to keep an open mind when it comes to book selection. If you like a book, check the front cover, back cover, flaps, preface or forward, furnishings, foot notes and even the index, bibliography and appendix on the back of the book before buying.

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