Bill Gates CV: Bill Gates shared his 48-year-old CV, said- ‘The resume of today’s youth is better than mine’, people said thank you

Bill Gates CV: In today’s time, before applying for any job, a candidate needs a better CV or resume. If the CV is better, then it becomes easier to get the job. However, job aspirants often face difficulties in creating the right resume. They are unable to prepare such a CV, which can properly show the work done by them. Even it is seen that in many jobs, a good CV is the first step on which one reaches closer to the job.

At the same time, Bill Gates, who is included in the list of the world’s richest people, has shared his first resume. After seeing this resume, the confidence of millions of people around the world can increase. Taking his followers back in time, 66-year-old Gates shared his 48-year-old resume. Bill Gates said that he has full faith that the resume of today’s youth would look better than his resume. He said, ‘Even if you are a recent graduate or a college dropout. I hope your resume will be better than my 48 year old resume.

Bill Gates told which courses were chosen in college

Actually, this resume is from the time when William Henry Gates III was in the first year of Harvard College. Today the world knows William Henry Gates III as Bill Gates. Microsoft’s boss told that at that time he had taken admission in operating system structure, database management, computer graphics and other such courses. After Bill Gates shared the resume, many users said that his resume is absolutely perfect. Also thanked him for sharing his resume.

What did users say about Bill Gates’s resume?

A user named M Ismail commented, ‘Considering that this is a 48 year old resume, still looks great today.’ Another user said, ‘Bill Gates, thank you for sharing this. We all should always keep a copy of our old resume and check it out. Many times we forget that how much we have achieved in our life.

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