Archery will be taught in state universities: Governor

Archery will be taught in state universities: Governor

Governor CP Radhakrishnan said that the universities of the state should produce such leaders who can bring change in the society. On which the state and the country should be proud. He was addressing the Vice Chancellor’s Conference on Monday at Vinoba Bhave University. He said that the appointment of teachers in the universities of the state would be done soon. They are moving in this direction. Along with this, he said that archery will be taught in all the universities of the state. He said that he knows that the universities of the state are facing shortage of teachers. They are moving towards getting the appointments done. For this, talks will be held with the government to set up a separate commission. One thing will be tried that whatever appointment is made, it should be on merit. For this we need to pay special attention.

He said that he is trying to create a better infrastructure. Students and Vice Chancellor make biometric attendance. He said in a strict tone that no vice-chancellor will be given leave without the permission of the Raj Bhavan except for essential work. He said that he wants to improve Jharkhand University so much that it is named among the under-20 universities of the country.

The Governor said that archery will be taught in all the universities. This game is related to the soil of Jharkhand. The students here have the potential to do better. He said that preparations are on to promote volleyball game. He also stressed the need to strengthen the regional language. Said that this is the root of education, there is a need to motivate tribals to pursue higher education. Academic calendar has to be corrected. Pro Vijay Kumar Srivastava of Wardha University, Education Secretary Rahul Purwar, Higher Education Director Garima Singh VC Sudhanshu Bhushan etc were included on the stage.

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