Agnipath Scheme: How much money will an Agniveer earn in 4 years? Know how much money you will get and when you will get it…!

Agneepath scheme is the most discussed topic in India today (Agneepath Scheme), There has been a lot of ruckus about this scheme of recruitment to be done for four years duty in the army. A section is opposing this scheme and is on the streets. Recently, incidents of arson etc. have also come to the fore in protest against this. At the same time, the government and the army are counting its benefits and telling how the Agneepath scheme for the youth. (Salary In Agneepath Scheme) An important plan is about to happen. At the same time, there are many questions in the minds of people regarding this scheme.

In such a situation, a lot of questions are being asked about the money received in this scheme, how much money will be received, how much will be the salary, will that salary remain the same for four years and how much money will be received together after the end of the service. So today we are going to answer all the questions you have regarding money in Agneepath scheme. After this you will be able to understand whether this scheme is beneficial for you or not. So know the answer to every question related to money.

How much will you get salary?

First of all let’s talk about how much salary Agniveers will get. Agniveers will get a salary of 30 thousand rupees, out of which 21 thousand rupees will be available in the account, while 9 thousand rupees will be deducted. In this situation, no PF etc. will be deducted, directly 9 thousand rupees will be deducted for the service fund fund. Simply put, you will get 21 thousand rupees in your account every month and the rest will be deducted.

Will the salary remain the same in four?

It’s not like that. Salary will increase every year. For example, 30 thousand rupees will be given in the first month and 21 thousand rupees will be available in the account, while 9000 rupees will be deducted. After this, in the second year, this salary will become 33 thousand. After this, 36500 in the third year, 40 thousand rupees in the fourth year. At the same time, the Rs 9000 which was deducted in the first year will also start deducting more. After this, in hand salary will increase from 21 thousand to 23100 in the second year, 25500 in the third year, 28 thousand in the fourth year.

Apart from the salary, how much will the government give?

Many people believe that there will be a salary of 30 thousand rupees and the 9 thousand which will be deducted every month, they will be given by the government later. but it’s not like that. The government will deposit the same amount on its behalf in the amount deducted from the salary. In such a situation, for example, suppose Rs 9000 is deducted from your salary, then the government will also deposit Rs 9000 in your fund. With this, 18 thousand rupees will be deposited every month in your fund in the first year. Then it will become 19800, 21900, 24000. In such a situation, in total in four years, 5 lakh two thousand rupees will be deducted from your salary and the same government will put in your fund.

How much money will I get on completion of the job?

As we told you that 5 lakh 2 thousand rupees from the government and 5 lakh 2 thousand rupees from your salary will be deposited in the account. That is, a total of Rs 10.04 lakh will be deposited with you. In such a situation, after the completion of the service, you will get Rs 10.04 lakh plus interest. Let us tell you that after complete service, you will get 11 lakh 72 thousand rupees.

How much money will the government give in a year?

If we look at both salary and funds, then the government will give Rs 11.72 lakh to each Agniveer for four years of service, then together at the end of the service. On the other hand, if we talk about salary, then in four years, he will get 11 lakh 71 thousand rupees. That is, they will get about 23 lakh rupees in four years.

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