Admission in IIT will be easy! 1 lakh students left JEE Advanced exam

JEE Advanced 2022, the most difficult exam for admission in engineering, may be a little easier this time. The latest figures show that this year the competition in IIT JEE Advanced Examination 2022 is going to be less. Around one lakh students have decided to leave the exam. This JEE Advanced Exam There is some relief for the students preparing to join. But at the same time a big question is arising whether IIT Has the craze gone down? After all, what is the reason for low registration for IIT admission exam?

IIT JEE: Only 61.5% Registration

JEE Advanced Exam 2022 is being organized by IIT Bombay. After JEE Mains Result 2022, NTA said that this year around 2.6 lakh students have qualified for JEE Advanced 2022. That is, all of them could give entrance exam for admission in IITs. But when JEE Advanced 2022 registrations were completed, it was found that only 1.6 lakh students have registered for this IIT entrance exam.

This gap is huge. If the ratio is seen, only 61.5 percent of the children who have qualified have decided to give IIT JEE exam. The rest considered it appropriate to choose the path of taking admission on the basis of JEE Mains score.

IIT seats increased, students decreased

If you look at the statistics, in the last 9 years, the number of people applying for IIT JEE Advanced has decreased continuously. Whereas with time the number of seats in IITs has been increasing. While the number of applicants who applied for JEE Advanced was 83.1% in 2014, it has now come down to 61.5% in 2022. Year after year the students decreased like this-

year Qualifying for JEE Adv Register for Advanced % of students in IIT entrance
2014 1,52,351 1,26,749 83.1%
2015 1,57,428 1,24,479 79%
2016 1,98,228 1,55,948 78.6%
2017 2,21,834 1,71,814 77.4%
2018 2,31,024 1,65,656 71.7%
2019 2,45,194 1,74,432 71.1%
2020 2,50,681 1,60,838 64.1%
2021 2,60,010 1,51,209 58.1%
2022 2,60,000 (approx) 1,60,000 (approx) 61.5%

Decrease craze of IIT or something?

For the IIT Entrance Exam, the ever-decreasing students raise the question whether the craze of IITs is decreasing? Experts say that it would not be right to say so. Security is a major reason for students falling short in JEE Advanced. Most of the children who qualify for JEE Advanced but have a lower rank, do not want to take the risk of Advanced.

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There is no guarantee of getting a seat in IIT, but they know that if their JEE Mains rank is good then they will definitely get a good engineering college. In such a situation, students and parents consider it better to leave the dream of IIT and adopt what is available in front without wasting time. Because it is a safe career option.

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