Explainer: Like Delhi border, farmers’ movement against Bhupesh Baghel government in Chhattisgarh, know why?

Rohit Burman, Raipur: In the capital of Chhattisgarh, these days the farmers are sitting on the agitation ((chhattisgarh kisan aandolan latest update)) against the Bhupesh government of the state for the last 18 days. Just in front of Mantralaya Bhawan located in Nava Raipur, on the lines of Delhi, about 7000 farmers of 27 villages are adamant about their demand. These farmers are also getting strong support from other farmer organizations.

what are the demands
Farmers say that all the affected farmers of the village, who are helping in the development of Nava Raipur, should be settled, whether they are landowners or landless. Farmers should get employment and arrangements should be made for their rehabilitation. The farmers have said that they should get the lease of the entire settlement from the government. There are farmers from 27 villages in this ongoing movement in Nava Raipur. The land for Nava Raipur was taken from these farmers. The farmers allege that the promises made by the state government at the time of land acquisition have not been fulfilled. The farmers are adamant on their insistence and are demanding written assurance from the government.

this is the whole matterThis movement, which is becoming fierce every day, is not only about the fact that the previous governments acquired their lands and did not keep the promises made to them. The major reason for the farmers’ anger is also that in 2018, just before the assembly elections, they had made a big movement. Then the Congress party came out in his support. Congress had promised to fulfill their demands if its government is formed. After the formation of Chhattisgarh, the land of 27 villages was taken by the previous government to develop the Nava Raipur area. The farmers wanted that they should be given four times compensation. Along with giving 1200 square feet of land to every family, they were also demanding employment for one unemployed person from each family. After the completion of three years of the Congress government, the same farmers are demanding the Congress government to fulfill the promise.

Farmers are not talking to government ministers
Recently, State Minister Mohammad Akbar and Minister Shiv Dehria had given time for talks with the agitating farmers and the heads of farmers’ organizations supporting them, but the angry farmers did not attend the meeting with the minister. The farmers said that they needed written assurance. Farmers’ organizations say that they have received such assurances before, but when they go to ministers and leaders with their views, they cut the edge. They want Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel to come and meet him and fulfill the promise made to him.

Keeping an eye on CM
In the past, farmers were agitating continuously in Delhi regarding the three agricultural laws. Then the Bhupesh Baghel government supported the farmers. The question is whether CM Bhupesh, who supported the farmers in Delhi and gave compensation of Rs 50 lakh to the farmer’s family affected by the Lakhimpur incident, will fulfill the demands of the agitating farmers in Chhattisgarh or not. Will it come or not?

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