Zomato-Flipkart will no longer be able to sell substandard and fake products, this step of the government will give relief

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Zomato-Flipkart Including all e-commerce companies, selling substandard and fake products on their platforms will now be a heavy burden. In fact, the Central Government has implemented the online review guidelines issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to protect consumers from substandard and counterfeit products. After this, companies selling online goods will find it costly to put fake reviews or ratings of the product. If the fault of the companies is caught then they will have to pay a heavy fine. It is notable that till now fake ratings and reviews were being used indiscriminately to increase the popularity of the product on the e-commerce platform. Common consumers used to buy products after seeing fake reviews and later felt cheated. Due to this, complaints about online companies increased rapidly.

Will help in increasing transparency

According to Sachin Taparia, founder of LocalCircles, this initiative of the government will benefit both consumers and brands. Along with this, it will help in increasing transparency in the e-commerce sector. The new law will reveal the identity of the person doing the review. This will stop fake reviews. Everyone will benefit from this. As for platforms like Google and Meta, the new rules will require them to verify the person doing the review. That is, after this, the fake account created only for writing reviews will not be able to be used. Also for e-commerce platforms, the new guidelines will ensure that negative reviews are not suppressed, ensuring that problems are detected early by other consumers.

Fake reviews are a big business around the world

Fake reviews are a big business not only in India but all over the world. Companies providing fake reviews are flourishing in many countries including Maldives, Turkey, Bangladesh. These companies write reviews by taking money. Significantly, most of the customers shop for essential goods on the basis of reviews made by other customers on e-commerce websites and social media platforms. Sometimes reviews are fake and people buy wrong products. It will be difficult to do this after the new law.

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