You can earn crores of rupees from home .. This is the secret !!

No one today has the desire to earn crores of rupees. But it should also be noted that it will require as much effort as desired.

The practical answer is no. Although it is not possible to earn in crores, it can definitely be earned in millions. How is that?

Yes, it is possible if you invest a small amount every month in mutual fund schemes without any big investments.

In particular, fund schemes in some mutual fund companies offer higher returns on small investments. This is good news. Commodity based mutual funds have given good returns.

Commodity fund refers to silver and gold as its primary commodities, or agricultural commodities. In particular, funds investing in the metal-based (gold and silver) sectors have seen good returns over the past 2 years.

Of these, ICICI Commodity Theme Fund has delivered 219% return on its investments over the last 2 years.

ICICI Prudential Commodities Fund (ICICI Prudential Commodities Fund – Direct Plan-Growth)

The fund was started by ICICI Mutual Fund. It is a fund with high market risks. Yet it has yielded 219% in the last two years. It also gave an average return of 49.07% per annum.

The minimum SIP investment for this fund is Rs.100 and the maximum is Rs.1000. Similarly, if you invest in lump sum, the investment amount is Rs.5000.

If you continue to invest in this fund at the rate of Rs.1000 per month for 5 to 7 years, you will get Rs.90,000 (49%) at the end of 5 years. According to the company’s data, we have calculated that you can get up to Rs. 1,25,000 in the same 7 years.

Disclaimer:Mutual fund schemes are subject to market risks. Ask your advisor before investing and make a voluntary investment.