You can book flight tickets for just Re 1, how does this feature of Trainman app work?

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Everyday people travel somewhere around the world. Talking about India, here most people travel by train. Due to this many times people do not get tickets in trains and people have to face problems. Keeping this in mind, an app has come up with a new feature. The name of this app is Trainman. With the help of this app, you can get confirmed tickets. In this app you also get the facility that if your train ticket is not confirmed then you will get a plane ticket and you can travel by plane instead of train. Let us know how this feature works.

This is how the feature works

The name of this feature of Trainman is Trip Assurance. This feature is beneficial for those people whose train ticket is not confirmed, then their ticket will be booked. Through this app, you can see how likely the ticket is to be confirmed. If the traveler feels that their ticket will not be confirmed then they can easily book the plane ticket on time with the help of trip assurance feature.

According to the app, a trip assurance fee of Re 1 will be charged if the probability of a person’s ticket being confirmed is more than 90 per cent. On the other hand, if it remains less than 90 percent, then the company will take nominal money according to the class of the ticket. If the train ticket is confirmed by the time of chart preparation, the trip assurance fee will be refunded. On the other hand, if the ticket is not confirmed, then the traveler will be able to travel by plane for free.

Now we know in which trains this facility will be given.

Let us tell you that IRCTC has made Rajdhani trains available in 130 other trains. The company says that the Trainman app is a new age technology like machine learning and IRCTC is its authorized partner. Due to the trip assurance feature, the traveler gets the pleasure of traveling without any hassle. Let us tell you that the company has claimed that with the help of this app, the probability of ticket confirmation is 90% accurate. If the ticket is not confirmed for any reason, then the company gives the flight ticket to that person.

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