Wireless Headphones: Keep these things in mind before buying wireless headphones

Photo: CANVA wireless headphones

These days the trend of Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones is in full swing. More than one startups and flagship companies are launching new headphones. The cost of these wireless headphones is higher than the normal wired headphones. Along with this, they also have to be charged like a mobile, but due to the absence of wire, its benefits are also many. There are two types of headphones in this. One in which you get small pods in a case, which have to be looked carefully to find out whether they are in the ear or not and the other which you can charge directly, these are called collar bands. Pods have to be put back in the case to recharge but the collar band doesn’t have all this hassle.

If you also want to buy a new wireless headphone, then keep these things in mind

  • First of all, check whether the sound quality of the wireless headphones is noise cancellation or not, because the noise of the market or other places can disturb you a lot during the call.
  • Secondly, it is also important to know whether your wireless headphones are waterproof or not, although instead of waterproof, now gadget companies take out their products in the name of water resistant. But it is also very important to be water resistant so that your headphones do not get damaged in a little rain.
  • Before buying headphones on the third number, do not forget to check that they do not cause any kind of trouble in your ears. Rather, its ear buds should be so comfortable that you do not pay attention to what is happening in the outside world and you can enjoy the music properly.
  • The fourth most important thing is the battery life of the headphones. Some headphones are very good in quality but their battery runs out quickly, due to which many times the user is away from the charging point and has to face trouble. Instead, choose a headphone whose battery is at least 180mah and due to the magnetic feature, when you are not using the headphones, they go into sleep mode.
  • After all these features, the most important point that remains is the price of the headphones. Although now bluetooth headphones start getting from 800 rupees, but a good quality, water resistant, good sound quality and good battery backup with the combination of headphones is available for at least 2000 rupees. Rest of the bluetooth headphones are also available in 14-15000, apart from all these features, there is a difference in durability and branding.

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