Wipro Layoffs Again: Wipro lays off again, now so many employees have been employed

Wipro Layoffs Again: Wipro lays off again, now so many employees have been employed

IT Firm Wipro Layoffs: IT sector layoffs continue at the global level including India. Every day some company or the other is firing people. This year more employees have been fired during this period than last year. Now another IT giant Wipro is going to join this list again. 

Wipro has sacked around 120 employees. The effect of this retrenchment is not in India. According to some media reports, 120 US employees have lost their jobs. The company has taken the decision to remove the job to meet the business requirements. 

Which employees were employed 

The IT giant has said in a statement that there are more than 100 processing agents among the job seekers. A team leader and team manager have also been removed. It has been said in the report that this retrenchment has been done only in a specific area, which will not affect the rest of the American employees. 

When will these employees be fired 

It has been told in the report that the company is not thinking of retrenchment from the rest of the employees. The retrenchment of these employees will start during May itself. Now they have to serve the notice period. The company will pay salary and other things during this period. 

Offer to join job on half salary

The company had recently cut the fresher’s salary by half and asked them to join the job on half the salary only. The employees who were offered an annual salary of Rs 6.5 lakh for the headquarters located in Bengaluru. Later, he was offered to join the company at an annual salary of Rs 3.5 lakh. 

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