Why are businessmen from all over the world talking about Uttar Pradesh? Industries told what is so special in UP

Why are businessmen from all over the world talking about Uttar Pradesh?  Industries told what is so special in UP
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Uttar Pradesh is going to host the Global Investors Summit next month. For this, the entire cabinet and high officials including the Chief Minister of UP are doing roadshows across the world. Many big businessmen and industries of the world are showing interest in investing in UP. After all, why the industry is so eager to invest in UP, it has been disclosed by the industry body Assocham itself. Assocham says that the environment for setting up industry in this state is much better than before and the state has the strongest opportunities to get investment.

UP Investors Summit on 10 to 12 February

Assocham Secretary General Deepak Sood said that the government itself is now taking steps towards industries and trying to show them investment opportunities. This will not only benefit the economy of Uttar Pradesh but the whole of India. When asked about the prospects of success of the upcoming Global Investors Summit to be held in Lucknow on February 10-12, he said, “As far as Uttar Pradesh is concerned, it has very strong opportunities to get investments.”

UP’s connectivity is attracting the world

Uttar Pradesh is the third largest economy of the country, its connectivity with other states is very good and now the experience of businessmen regarding the state is also very encouraging. If a person wants to invest somewhere, then he considers a strong and stable policy and better law and order as the criterion. Now both these things are very positive in Uttar Pradesh, which was not the case earlier.

Greater Noida’s data center will be the turning point

Sood said that recently several members of Assocham have invested in Uttar Pradesh and their experiences give a very good message. Referring to the data center set up in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, he said that this center, counted among the largest in the country, was surprisingly completed very soon. The way the government is promoting industries in the state, it deserves congratulations. The work being done in the direction of industrial development under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very encouraging.

Huge potential in these industries

Asked about the government’s target of making Uttar Pradesh a trillion dollar economy, Sood said, “It is a huge target, but if capacity is created in sectors like automobiles, hardware and electronic hardware, So infinite possibilities await in the state. “He said,” To achieve the target of USD 1,000 billion economy, small targets will have to be set. First the target of $500 billion has to be achieved. After that the target of reaching 700 billion and then 1,000 billion dollars should be achieved. But the final target of $1 trillion should not be the end, rather Uttar Pradesh will have to think beyond that as well.

UP government will have to focus on these things

Sood said, “Actually, there is a need for a continuous pipeline. For this, availability of land, basic infrastructure, water and environmental clearances, upgradation of labor force and development of market will have to be done and overall per capita income of the state will also have to be increased. All these things happen on which the government will work by making a framework and I hope that Uttar Pradesh is in a position to become a $ 1,000 billion economy.

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