Vaishno Devi Coin: This coin of Vaishno Devi will make you a millionaire, you can get full 5 lakh rupees, know how to get money?

Earn money from old coin: If old coins are kept at your house too, then you can become rich. Today we will tell you about one such coin of 2 rupees, by selling which you can become a millionaire. Nowadays, the craze of people for antique and old coins is increasing a lot. In such a situation, people are buying a lot of old coins, so now you can earn by selling these coins sitting at home. Let’s tell you how-

Vaishno Devi wala coin
Today we tell you about a special 2 rupee coin, in return of which you can get full 5 lakh rupees. There is a lot of demand for coins of Rs 1, 2, Vaishno Devi’s photo in the market, so if you also have one or 2 rupee coin of Vaishno Devi, then you can get this money. 

Where can you sell?
You can sell these coins on online websites like, CoinBazar, eBay or OLX. For this, you just have to register yourself on that website by uploading the photo of the coin. 

Know which series the coin should be?
These days a coin of 1 rupee, a coin of 2 rupees and a coin of Vaishno Devi are in great demand. You can also bargain if you want. If you have this coin of 2 rupees, then you can also earn up to 5 lakh rupees. But keep in mind that this coin should be of 1994, 1995, 1997 or 2000 series.

How to sell coin?
To sell coin, you must first register yourself as a seller on OLX. After this, whatever coin you have, it will have to be inserted by clicking the photo from both the sides. Now you have to enter your mobile number and e-mail id. After that you have to submit after filling all the details. Now whoever wants to buy the coin will contact you through phone number or mail. 

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