US Shutdown: So the American government will come to a standstill from tomorrow? Know what is US government shutdown

US Shutdown: So the American government will come to a standstill from tomorrow?  Know what is US government shutdown

The month of October is going to start with a new crisis in America. In fact, the crisis that is going to face America from the first of October is called shutdown. In this crisis, the US government and US government agencies almost come to a standstill. Except for some emergency services, the work of other federal agencies comes to a halt during the shutdown.

Why did the shutdown occur?

Important voting took place on September 29 to avert the shutdown of the US government. . There was hope that an immediate measure could be approved in the House of Representatives, which could postpone the US government shutdown for 30 days. However, all hopes were dashed when the House got only 198 votes in favor of the immediate measure, while 232 votes were against it.

The measure that was introduced in the House included federal agencies. Provisions like reduction in expenditure and ban on immigration were included. For this reason, there was a danger of getting stuck in the Senate even after passing it in the House of Representatives, because President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party is in majority in the Senate.

What is the American Shutdown?

Whenever there is a deadlock over the funding of the US government, there is a possibility of a government shutdown in America. This has become a frequently repeated incident in recent years. In such a situation all the national parks are closed. Salaries of about 40 lakh employees of the Federal Government get stopped. Many such activities, including scientific research work, which are funded by the federal government, get affected.

When has there been a shutdown before?

A measure to avoid this gets affected in the House of Representatives. Due to this not happening, the shutdown of the US government from October 1 has become inevitable. To put it plainly, it is no longer possible to avoid the US government shutdown. This is the fourth shutdown in less than a decade. Even four months ago, the US government faced the threat of a shutdown, which was somehow avoided at the last moment. At that time, such a situation had arisen that for the first time in history, US government bonds were about to default.

What is the impact on the economy?

Frequent shutdowns would occur. This has a negative impact on the economy. America’s Finance Minister Janet Yellen has also expressed apprehensions in this regard. He says that the shutdown could stop the progress of the American economy, because it could stop important government schemes that provide support to small businesses and children for some time.

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