US Auto Strike: Strike going on for a month in many big companies of America, now the effect is visible all over the world.

US Auto Strike: Strike going on for a month in many big companies of America, now the effect is visible all over the world.

A different kind of problem has arisen in front of America, the world’s largest economy, these days. In fact, workers have been on strike in many big American companies for a month. Now the effect of this strike is visible outside America and many companies of the world are feeling the impact in their work.

This fear is troubling analysts

In a report by Reuters Analysts have been quoted as saying that if the ongoing strike in American companies is not ended soon, it could have a very bad impact on various companies around the world. In America, many companies from different sectors are already affected due to the strike.

Loss of 7 billion dollars so far

Let us tell you that America’s Detroit city is the auto hub. is referred to as. The workers of three big auto companies have been on strike there for about a month. Trade union United Auto Workers or UAW has called for this strike. This strike has continued for 36 days. There is a possibility that due to the strike, there has been an economic loss of more than 7 billion dollars so far.

These companies expressed their apprehension

If we talk about the impact of the strike, then American aviation The company Delta Airlines became the first big company to become its victim. The company has said that the ongoing strike in Detroit has had a significant impact on its business. Paint and coating company PPG Industries has expressed its apprehension that the strike may affect its profits. Railroad company Union Pacific has also expressed fear of loss.

The impact is visible on them

Auto companies General Motors, Ford Motor and Stellantis are most affected by this strike. A large number of workers of the companies supplying parts to these three companies are part of the strike. Apart from them, trucking firms are also facing difficulties. More than 34 thousand employees of these companies are taking part in the strike. Now there is a possibility that due to this strike, the functioning of other automobile and aviation companies of the world may also be affected.

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