Twitter’s new policy announced, Elon Musk instructs users not to post such content

Photo:India TV Twitter’s new policy announced, know the details here

Twitter Has announced its new policy. Now users will not be allowed to post any kind of content. Elon Musk has given information about this by tweeting. In his tweet, he has spoken of taking action on hate speech.

Musk gave instructions by tweeting

Elon Musk tweeted this afternoon that Twitter’s new policy will be for Freedom of Speech and not Freedom of Reach. If you post negative and hate tweets, then the reach of the profile will be reduced as well as it will be demonetized. By the way, Twitter will not give any revenue nor will any ads be run on the tweet. You won’t find the tweet unless you specifically search for it, which is no different from the rest of the internet. Note, this only applies to individual Tweets, not the entire account.

Recently, many Twitter employees resigned from their posts simultaneously.

Recently hundreds of Twitter employees resigned en masse. According to The Verge and New York Times reports, Twitter employees had until 2 p.m. Thursday a Google form asking if they wanted to stay at Twitter. Employees were supposed to choose “yes” on a Google form, but instead, employees started posting farewell messages.

Twitter closed all its offices

Twitter employees were previously told they could sign on or leave the company for an “exciting journey” at Twitter. As the mass resignations began to emerge, tech journalist Zoë Schiffer reported that Twitter had closed all of its offices and suspended badge access. Schiffer’s report says Musk and his team are “terrified” that employees will try to sabotage the company. Musk’s team is still working on which employees they need to give access to the office. According to Schiffer, Twitter’s offices will reopen on November 21.

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