Today Gold Rates: Rising gold and silver prices .. The reasons!

Gold Price Today: Alert for pasidi lovers. The price of gold shines. The psidi rate moved up again. Gold prices, which had remained stable yesterday, have been eased today. Gold prices rose today (May 24) in Hyderabad. 24 carat gold rose by Rs 100 to Rs 51,430. The price of 22 carat ornamental gold (Latest Gold Rates) has followed a similar path. 47,150. These rates apply to 10 grams. Bullion market experts say gold prices are unlikely to move up in the coming days. The international situation is an example of this. The pound is said to be recovering as the US dollar weakens. Rising crude oil prices and concerns over economic growth have also weighed on gold. The price of gold in the international market is expected to fluctuate between $ 1820 and $ 1870. Also on the MCX market, the pound is supported at Rs 50,600 and resistance at Rs 51,200.

Shiny silver after 2 days
Silver Rates Today has followed in the footsteps of gold. Silver rate reached the top today. It is noteworthy that this is the first time in two days that the silver rate has risen. Silver prices have remained stable for the last 2 days. Today, the silver price is at Rs. 600 rallied. With this, the silver price went up by Rs. 66,500. It can be said that this has had an impact on those who want to buy silver.

He said investors were turning to gold as pressure mounted on global stock markets. Gold prices, which had been falling for a month, are now rising. He explained that the rise in gold prices has been limited by the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, despite growing concerns over US growth, as the US dollar recovers from a two-decade high. Gold rose 0.14 per cent to Rs. Rose to $ 1850. Silver rate, however, fell. Declined 0.03 percent. Trading at $ 21.71.

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