This company making mobile phones, TVs, fridges will give 20 years warranty on its products

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After buying a product, everyone wishes to use it for a long time, but many times that product gets spoiled in the middle. If it is damaged within the warranty period received from the company, then it is okay, otherwise it costs its own money to repair it. Samsung is going to give 20 years warranty on some of its products. This will make it easier for the customer to use for a long time.

20 Years Warranty

In an industry first step to provide longer warranty to consumers, Samsung on Friday said it will offer 20 years warranty on some of its products in India. The company will offer a long-term warranty on the digital inverter motor used in its washing machines and the digital inverter compressor used in its refrigerators.

Company gave information

In a statement, Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India, said that it is our endeavor to provide sustainable solutions to our consumers. We have introduced 20 years warranty on the digital inverter motor and compressor used in our washing machines and refrigerators.

The company said that this initiative will further strengthen its commitment to reduce e-waste and promote sustainability by enhancing the reliability and durability of products and maintain customer trust in the company.

Will save both time and energy

Singh said, “Replacing home appliances frequently not only consumes time and energy but also creates physical waste. Hence, this initiative aims to provide our consumers with peace of mind as well as sustainability. To reduce waste.

The advanced digital inverter compressor and digital inverter motor demonstrate the company’s investment in quality and stability, ultimately earning the trust of consumers, according to the company.

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