Things are being sold at double the price in this state of the country, Rs 170 petrol and Rs 1800 cooking gas

Things are being sold at double the price in this state of the country, Rs 170 petrol and Rs 1800 cooking gas

Manipur Violence: In one state of the country, things are being sold at twice the normal price fixed by the government. From cooking gas cylinders to potatoes, onions, pulses and other vegetables, the price has increased. It is Manipur in the state, where the prices of essential commodities have increased due to caste violence in the last three weeks.

Imports from other states have also been affected. In such a situation, goods coming from outside are being sold with record inflation. Even basic commodities like rice, potatoes, onions, eggs, LPG cylinders and petrol are being sold at higher prices than the rates fixed by the government. 

Prices of everything from rice to petrol doubled 

According to PTI report, earlier the price of a 50 kg bag of superfine rice was Rs 900, but now it has become Rs 1800. The prices of potato and onion have also increased from Rs 20 to Rs 30. In the report quoting a person, it has been said that the price of LPG cooking gas cylinder is Rs 1800 in the black market. And in many parts of Imphal West district, one liter of petrol costs Rs 170. 

Record hike in egg prices 

There has also been an increase in the price of eggs, in which a basket containing 30 eggs is being sold for Rs. 300 instead of Rs. 180. At the same time, the price of potato had also reached Rs 100 before the trucks carrying essential commodities reached the spot and if the security was not available, its price would have increased further. At the same time, the price of tobacco products has also increased manifold in many areas. 

Why are prices rising here 

Due to the violence, the movement of trucks in Imphal is disrupted. There is a possibility of clashes on the roads and there is an atmosphere of tension in the state. The violence took place after a tribal solidarity march organized to protest against the Meitei community’s demand for ST status. To control inflation and handle the situation, movement of 37 trucks started on May 15 and security forces have been deployed. An official said that those selling products at higher rates could be penalised. 

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