These are 5 panacea ways to increase the battery life of iPhone, the hassle of mobile discharge is over

Photo:India TV These are the 5 best ways to increase the battery life of iPhone

The battery problem of iPhone users is still intact. Some basic improvements have been made by the company in the new model but it is not enough. Despite all these improvements, users are troubled by the quick discharge of the phone’s battery. In such a situation, all those users can increase the battery life of their iPhone by following the 5 easy methods we are telling.

Maintain Battery Health

To maintain battery health, it is most important that you do not let your battery get completely discharged. Try when your battery is up to 25%, then put it in charge and when it reaches 85%, remove it from the charger. This improves the health life of your battery.

Do not use the case while charging

iPhones usually get a little warm while charging. If you use the phone even during charging, then your mobile starts charging slowly, which affects the mobile in the long run and the battery life of the phone gets spoiled. That’s why don’t do this.

use battery saver

Using the built-in Battery Life on iPhone is one of the fastest ways to improve your battery life. Try keeping the phone always in saver mode.

don’t clear apps

If you have a habit of closing any app on your iPhone that you are not using, then it is a good thing. Many times it is seen that users keep some such apps open in their mobile which are not in use for a long time. This stresses the processor of the phone which indirectly affects the battery.

Keep updating to latest iOS

The company always keeps bringing updates to iOS for better experience of its users. In this case, you should keep updating your iOS. Due to this, some new features are also available to use in mobile. Although there is no evidence that this improves battery life.

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