The biggest hacking in the history of WhatsApp, there was an outcry in 84 countries of the world, data theft of 500 million users

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Almost every user using a smartphone also uses WhatsApp. But today disturbing news has come for crores of WhatsApp users. The data of WhatsApp, considered the most secure so far, has been stolen. According to an estimate, the data of 50 crore users of WhatsApp has been stolen. It includes 84 countries of the world including America.

It is believed to be the biggest data breach in the history of WhatsApp. Hackers have stolen users’ phone numbers and other information. Now all this data has been made available for sale on the hackers’ platform. This breach of WhatsApp is considered very dangerous in terms of the safety of the users. This data of WhatsApp can cause many types of scams including bank fraud in the coming days.

In which countries the data was leaked?

WhatsApp is used in almost all the countries of the world today. According to the latest report, there is news of data theft in 84 countries of the world. These countries include America, Britain, Egypt, Italy, Saudi Arabia and India. The data of about 50 crore WhatsApp users of these countries has been leaked. The largest number of data theft is from American users, the data of 32 million users here has been leaked. At the same time, the data of 45 million users of Egypt, 35 million of Italy, 29 million of Saudi Arabia, 20 million of France, 20 million of Turkey, 10 million of Russia, 11 million of UK has been stolen.

data available for sale

According to the report of Cybernews, a post has been made on the hacking community forum, claiming WhatsApp data sale. It is being claimed that they are selling 2022 database of 487 million WhatsApp mobile users. It is believed that cyber attackers can buy users’ mobile data. In such a situation, people’s banking and other important documents can also come within the reach of hackers.

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