The battery life of this product of Apple will be stronger than before, it will be possible due to the new feature

Photo:India TV The battery life of this Apple product will be stronger than before

Apple New Feature: Apple will bring a new battery-saving mode in the next update to watchOS 9 to extend the watch’s battery life when needed. The mode can be turned on manually using the Settings menu or Control Center, reports GSMArena.

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Additionally, it alerts the user when the battery remains at 10 percent and automatically shuts off when the charge reaches 80 percent. Reminders for workouts will also be disabled. The report states that this mode will turn off Wi-Fi and cellular connections if there is no iPhone nearby that is connected to the watch.

Earlier this month, the company added an optimized battery charging feature to its Apple Watch running watchOS 9, which will learn from users’ charging habits to slow down battery ageing. Similar to the iPhone version of the feature, it figures out when it’s best to charge the battery to 100 percent based on the user’s charging habits.

4G phone will automatically become 5G

Apple has announced that soon the company is going to introduce a software update to give customers the benefit of 5G services. Under this, customers’ iPhones will automatically be upgraded from 4G to 5G. It is reported that the iPhone will start updating users in December to make the software compatible with 5G. Apple’s statement assumes significance as the government is in talks with mobile manufacturers to expedite necessary software updates for smartphones so that customers can experience 5G services smoothly.

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