Tech Layoffs 2023: Despite massive layoffs, tech sector is offering highest salary!

Tech Layoffs 2023: Despite massive layoffs, tech sector is offering highest salary!

Tech Sector Layoffs 2023: The sector which has been most affected by the economic slowdown in the whole world including India is the tech sector. Thousands of people are being fired every day. The world’s leading tech companies like Meta, Google, Microsoft, Twitter etc. have done layoffs in two to three phases. According to Bloomberg’s report, a total of more than 3 lakh people have become unemployed in the US tech industry. According to data from January to March 2023, more than 500 tech companies have laid off more than 1.5 lakh people. Despite such a large number of layoffs, the highest salary is being offered in the tech sector. Many companies are also recruiting employees.

The highest salary in the tech industry

According to the report published in Bloomberg, there is no doubt about this. There is no opinion that the tech industry is going through its worst phase in the last few years. People are being retrenched on a large scale, but even today this sector  continues to offer the highest salary. Even today people are getting paid in this area at the rate of $120 i.e. about Rs.9,882 per hour. In such a situation, it is the highest paid job in the world.

For example, Microsoft gives salary to its employees at the rate of $ 90 i.e. Rs 7,411 per hour. At the same time, a PHD scholar gets a salary of only $ 45 i.e. Rs 3,705 per hour. In such a situation, the salary of a tech worker is twice that of a PhD scholar.

Frequent layoffs in tech companies

e-commerce company Amazon has Most of the layoffs have been done on a large scale. The company has shown the way out to some 27,000 employees. The company has laid off 9,000 people in March. Apart from this, the company had fired 18,000 employees in January. Whereas Facebook’s parent company Meta has fired a total of 10,000 employees in the second phase of layoffs.

Whereas in November last year, a total of 11,000 employees were fired. Google laid off a total of 12,000 employees in January. Veteran IT company Accenture has also made a plan to lay off 19,000 employees in the next 1.5 lakh. In this way, many tech companies have been continuously firing employees for the last few months. 

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