ITR: Income tax department started ‘instant processing’, know its benefits

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The Income Tax Department has started ‘Jhatpat Processing’ for the early filing of income tax returns. The aim is that people should not face difficulty in filing income tax returns themselves. Five days are left to file ITR. In this case, let us know how ‘instant processing’ will help in filing your return.

People who do not need to audit can take advantage of ‘instant processing’, they can take advantage of it. Common taxpayers have to file returns by January 10 and for companies this limit has been raised to February 15.

Processing will happen immediately
‘Instant Processing’ provides information about the process of filing returns under ‘Instant Processing’ introduced for ITR1 (ITR) and ITR4 (ITR4) on YouTube. File quickly, taxpayers have been induced to file ITRs through slogans for processing.

10 January and 15 February deadline
Last date of filing of income tax for taxpayers, who do not require audit, can file ITR till 10 January 2021. Along with this, the date has been increased from 31 January 2021 to 15 February 2021 for those who need audit.

Take instant facility like this

– whose ITR is verified
– Taxpayers whose bank accounts are pre-valid.
– Those who have no dues to pay
– Individuals who have no mistake in their income.

– Those who do not have any TDS or Challan which does not match, they can use this new facility.