Share market at new peak, Sensex close to 49000 then Nifty crosses 14300

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The stock market closed at a new peak today after a bumper boom. While the Sensex touched 49000 for the first time, the Nifty also touched a high of 14,367. The Sensex was at an all-time high of 48,854 today. Today, on Friday, the 30-share sensitive index Sensex of BSE surged 689.19 points. 48,782.51 Closed at the level of. At the same time, the National Stock Exchange was also out and the Nifty rose by 209.90 points to close at 14,347.25.

sensex on new peak

Whether Nifty 50 or Small Cap, Mid Cap or Nifty 500, all the indices closed on the green mark. On the other hand, if you talk about sectoral index, except Nifty Metal and PSU Bank, Nifty Auto, Nifty Bank, Private Bank, IT Index, Reality Index, Financial Services, Pharma and Media Index also gained momentum. Auto, media and IT were up more than 3 percent. Let us tell you that today the stock market started with a fast pace. The 30-share BSE Sensex Sensex opened 371.59 points higher today at 48,464.91 and the Nifty also started with a red mark.

When did the market break the record

After reaching a low level in March, the Sensex had crossed 40 thousand to 40182 on October 8. On November 5, the Sensex closed at 41,340. On November 10, the index level at intraday reached 43,227, while it crossed 44180 on November 18 and 45000 on December 4. On December 9, the Sensex closed at 46103.50, up from 46000 for the first time. The Sensex opened at 46284.7 on 14 December. On December 21, the Sensex reached the level of 47055.69. Now on December 30, the Sensex had reached an all-time high of 47,807.85. After this, the Sensex opened at a new peak of 48616.66 on Wednesday 6 December, crossing the level of 48 thousand in the new year. At the same time today, on December 8, the Sensex touched a new peak of 48,854.