SBI Chocolate Scheme: Bank will pay EMI on time by sending chocolate, new scheme ready for defaulters

SBI Chocolate Scheme: Bank will pay EMI on time by sending chocolate, new scheme ready for defaulters

If you are also a customer of the country’s largest government bank SBI and have taken a loan from the bank, then make sure that you do not miss any EMI, otherwise the bank has now prepared a special scheme for you. This scheme of SBI is for those customers whom the bank suspects may miss the monthly payment. Now the bank has come up with a new scheme to make them pay the installments on time.

Such customers will get chocolates

This scheme of State Bank of India is unique. In this, if the bank feels that a customer is not going to make the payment on time, then the bank will send chocolates to his home. The bank told that the customer who is not going to pay EMI, often does not respond to the reminder calls of the bank. This shows that a particular customer plans not to make the payment. In such a situation, the bank will now remind them to make payment by giving them chocolate directly at their home.

An effort to improve repayment

This campaign of SBI has come at a time when the banking industry is There has been a rise in retail loans. With the increase in retail loans, cases of default in monthly EMI have also increased. In such a situation, all the banks are running various types of campaigns for EMI and repayment. This chocolate scheme of SBI is also an effort to ensure better recovery.

The retail loan of the bank has increased by this much

In the case of SBI, the retail loan increased to Rs 12,04,279 in the June 2023 quarter. Reached Rs crore. It was Rs 10,34,111 crore a year ago i.e. in the June 2022 quarter. If seen in this way, there has been an increase of 16.46 percent in the retail loans of the bank in one year. The total borrowing of SBI in June 2023 was Rs 33,03,731 crore. In this way, the largest share in the loan book of the bank is now of retail loans.

The experiment of the bank is going on now

Managing Director of SBI and in-charge of Risk, Compliance, Stressed Assets. Ashwini Kumar Tiwari says that this campaign of the bank is still in the pilot stage. SBI has started this only 10-15 days ago, but the initial response is quite good and the collection is improving due to this campaign. He said that if good results are obtained in the pilot stage then it can be adopted on a larger scale.

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