Renault Kwid: 32.5 kilometers per liter mileage .. Renault Quid super record at the rally!

The Renault Quid & zwnj;, which recently crossed the 4 lakh sensational milestone in India, continues its journey as a leader in the mini-car segment. This milestone was achieved by Quidditch in Hyderabad. Reno celebrated with the owners. The Renault Quid & zwnj; Mileage rally was also held. The rally, which covered a total distance of 100 km, began at Hotel Radisson in Hi-Tech City.

The current Quid & zwnj; The rally was organized in Hyderabad with the aim of getting maximum mileage for the customers. The celebration received an overwhelming response. More than 30 customers enthusiastically participated in the event, the company said in a statement. The rally offers an average average mileage of 32.5 km per liter.

Designed specifically for Indian buyers with international quality standards and performance in mind. Renault Quid & zwnj; Said. & lsquo; Make & zwnj; In & zwnj; India & rsquo; Stated that it would strongly resonate with the policy. It strives to bring Indian experience and expertise and provide internationally effective products to India as well as the rest of the world.

RXE, RXL, RX & zwnj; Tea, Climber & zwnj; Available in variants of the Renault Quid, available in a total of nine trims with 0.8 liter, 1.0 liter SCE manual, and AMT options, the Renault brand in India. Stands crucial in growth. Designed with SUV inspiration in mind, the first 20.32 cm touchscreen Screen & zwnj ;, Android & zwnj; Auto, Apple & zwnj; Car & zwnj; Medianeve with play, floor & zwnj; Console & zwnj; Mounted & zwnj; AMT Dial & zwnj; Features like these make driving effortless.

Renault recently unveiled the Quid & zwnj; Launch MY21 & zwnj; Did. Dual & nbsp; MY21 & nbsp; all variants & nbsp; compliant with all safety regulations applicable in India Front & zwnj; Airbags standard Features provided. The MY21 Climber & zwnj; Dual in the edition & zwnj; Tone & zwnj; White & zwnj; And & zwnj; Black & zwnj; X & zwnj; Trial & zwnj; Combination & zwnj; as well as electric & zwnj; OR & zwnj; VM, Day, Night & zwnj; IR & zwnj; VM included. The driver on the front & zwnj; Side-by-side pyrotech & zwnj ;, pretensioner & zwnj; Further enhance vehicle safety. Quid & zwnj; Spare for all customers & zwnj; 10% discount on parts, spare parts & zwnj ;, labor & zwnj; 20% discount on charges & zwnj; Co many special & zwnj; Renault announces offers.

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