RBI News: RBI will regulate cross-border transactions of payment aggregators, issued guidelines

RBI News: RBI will regulate cross-border transactions of payment aggregators, issued guidelines

Cross Border Transactions: To regulate the entities providing payment and settlement facilities for online cross-border export-import transactions. The Reserve Bank of India, the regulator of the banking sector, has issued rules regarding this. Reserve Bank of India has given this information by issuing a press release. 

As per the regulation of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), all the payment aggregators which provide the facility of processing domestic transactions in online mode, all those entities will come under the purview of RBI circulars. The Central Bank said in its regulation that keeping in mind the development in cross border payments, it has been decided to bring all the institutions providing cross border payment facilities for export and import of goods and services under the direct regulation of RBI. .  

According to this regulation, all such authorized dealer banks, payment aggregators and institutions including PA-CBs which do settlement and processing of cross border payment transactions for import export of goods and services will have to follow the instructions of RBI. . 

Payment Gateways are companies that provide technology infrastructure for online transactions. Payment aggregators are financial institutions that provide e-commerce websites and merchants the facility to take payments from customers so that all merchants do not have to create their own payment system. Payment aggregators collect payments from customers and transfer them to merchants. The Reserve Bank of India gave in-principle approval to many applicants but the final approval is pending for more than a year. RBI has barred some big companies which had received in-principle approval for payment aggregator license from onboarding new customers. /p>

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