Power Shortage Likely: Trouble may increase this summer, may have to face power cuts at night in the month of April

Power Shortage Likely: Trouble may increase this summer, may have to face power cuts at night in the month of April

Power Cut In Summer: In the coming month of April, you may be troubled by the heat because your AC, cooler or fan may not be able to run at night due to power cut. Since the month of March, the temperature has started rising in the country. Due to which it is being estimated that like last year, this year also there can be a huge demand for electricity. But the difficulty is that due to the delay in adding new coal-fired power plants and the ability to produce less hydro power, there may be problems in meeting the increasing demand for electricity in this summer season. Due to which people may have to face power cut in the midst of heavy heat. 

Night power cuts possible!

According to the Reuters report, due to solar power during the day, it has helped in meeting the increasing demand for electricity. But due to lack of coal-based power plants and lack of electricity production through hydro power, there can be a crisis of power cuts during the night when solar power is not available. According to the internal report of the Federal Grid Regulator Grid Controller  of India, 1.7 percent less power will be available in non-solar time than the peak demand in April 2023. In the month of April, a demand of 217 GW of electricity can be seen at night, which is 6.4 percent more than in April 2022 last year. In such a situation, electricity crisis can be seen in this summer season. 

Electricity production through coal, nuclear and gas will ensure 83 percent power supply of the total demand in the night time. Hydro power plants will play a major role in supplying the remaining electricity. However, Grid India has predicted that this April may see 18 percent less power supply through hydro power as compared to April last year. 

Delay in construction of power plant 

Actually, there is a delay in the construction of Coal-Best Power Plant due to huge demand-supply gap. According to data from the Central Electricity Authority, construction of 26 coal-based power plants with a capacity of 16.8 GW is going on with a delay of one year. So there are some power plants whose completion has been delayed by more than 10 years. 

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