PM Modi: Petrol E20 with ethanol will be launched in the country tomorrow, PM Modi will inaugurate ‘India Energy Week’

PM Modi: Petrol E20 with ethanol will be launched in the country tomorrow, PM Modi will inaugurate ‘India Energy Week’

India Energy Week 2023 Bangalore: Ethanol Petrol i.e. E20 is going to be launched in the country from tomorrow, 6 February 2023. Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) will inaugurate ‘India Energy Week’ (India Energy Week 2023) in Bengaluru on Monday. In this program, petrol available with 20 percent ethanol mixture in PM Modi petrol will also be started. Know how special this program is going to be for the country..

India Energy Week from February 6

PM Modi will inaugurate ‘India Energy Week’ (IEW) 2023 to be held from 6 to 8 February. In this program, the Prime Minister will also present the solar cooking system that runs on solar energy. Many initiatives related to green energy will be launched in this. In this, E20 petrol will be made available to the public from tomorrow at 84 retail outlets of oil marketing companies in 11 states. PM Modi will also flag off a green vehicle rally to spread awareness about clean fuels in the country. 

How will the kitchen system work

Pradhan Mantri IndianOil’s Twin Cooktop Model of Indoor Solar Cooking System – A revolutionary indoor solar cooking will be a great cooking solution. In this, food can be cooked with both solar energy and auxiliary energy.

India to become an energy superpower 

With the direction of Prime Minister Modi, IEW aims to showcase India’s capabilities as a superpower in the world’s energy sector. Through this programme, discussions will also be held on the challenges and opportunities coming from the energy sector. In this, leaders associated with the traditional energy industry, governments and education sector will be brought together on one platform and discussed with them.

Great Initiative in Green Energy 

This has proved to be a tremendous initiative in the Green Energy Sector. The presence of ministers from 30 countries around the world will be seen. More than 30,000 delegates, 1,000 exhibitors and 500 speakers have been convened to discuss the challenges and opportunities of India’s energy future. Also in this program the Prime Minister will participate in a round table discussion with the CEOs of global oil and gas companies. 

What is E20 fuel

India is working with the target of sharing 25 percent of the global demand for ethanol by 2040. India has increased the ethanol blending in petrol from 1.53 per cent in 2013-14 to 10.17 per cent in 2022. To achieve the target of 20 per cent blending by 2025, the country needs 10.2 to 11 billion liters of ethanol. There have been many other benefits including reduction in CO2 emissions of 318 lakh metric tonnes in the country and foreign exchange savings of about Rs 54,000 crore. About Rs 81,800 crore has been paid towards ethanol supply during 2014-2022, of which farmers alone have received more than Rs 49,000 crore. 

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