Petrol Diesel Price: Crude prices continue to rise, fuel expensive in many cities including Noida, Patna, Gurugram, know new rates

Petrol Diesel Price on 11 April 2023: Crude Oil Price continues to rise in the international market. This growth continued on Tuesday as well. After the increase in the prices of crude oil, the prices of petrol and diesel have increased in many big cities of the country. Talking about the prices of WTI Crude Oil in the international market, it has registered an increase of 0.20 per cent and is trading at $79.90 per barrel. At the same time, Brent Crude Oil is trading at $ 84.30 per barrel with an increase of 0.14 percent. In such a situation, the prices of crude oil have affected the prices of petrol and diesel in many cities today. 

In which cities the prices of petrol and diesel increased-

  • Dehradun- Petrol costlier by 27 paise to Rs 95.28, diesel by 27 paise to Rs 90.30 per liter
  • Noida- Petrol 18 96.94 paise costlier, diesel by 18 paise to Rs 90.11 per liter
  • Gurugram- Petrol costlier by 10 paise to Rs 96.76, diesel by 10 paise to Rs 89.64 per liter
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  • Jaipur- Petrol costlier by 35 paise at Rs 108.51, diesel by 32 paise at Rs 93.75 per litre
  • Patna-  Petrol costlier by 35 paise to Rs 107.59, diesel by 32 paise to Rs 94.36 per litre
  • Pune- Petrol-costlier by 30 paise to Rs 106.14, diesel by Rs 30 Rs 92.66 per litre

Petrol-diesel prices stable in four metros-

  • Delhi- Petrol Rs 96.72, Diesel Rs 89.62 per litre
  • Mumbai- Petrol Rs 106.31, Diesel Rs 94.27 per litre
  • Kolkata- Petrol Rs 106.03, Diesel Rs 92.76 per litre
  • Chennai- Petrol Rs 102.63, Diesel Rs 94.24  Rs per litre

Check city wise fuel price every day-

In India Every day the prices of petrol and diesel are released by the government oil companies at 6 am. These rates are fixed on the basis of crude oil prices in the international market. If you want to check the fuel rates of your city, you can do so through SMS. Oil companies give you this facility. HPCL  (HPCL) customers HPPRICE <Dealer Code> Send text message to 9222201122. Whereas BPCL customers RSP<dealer code> Write and send it to 9223112222. Indian Oil customers can check RSP<Dealer Code> to know the price of petrol and diesel in their city. Write and send the number to 9224992249. You will get the latest rates within minutes. 

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