Petrol-Diesel Price, 30 November: Good news .. once again reduced fuel prices .. here is an increase, today’s rates are ..

Until a few days ago, fuel prices in our country were steadily rising and reaching lifetime highs. However, petrol and diesel prices have come down slightly with the reduction of central excise duty a few days ago. Motorists are a little upset with these reduced prices. Petrol and diesel prices in Telugu states are as follows today.

Petrol price in Hyderabad today is stable at Rs 108.20 per liter. Diesel price remained stable at Rs 94.62 per liter. Prices have been stable in Hyderabad for the past few days. In Warangal too, fuel prices have come down slightly today. Petrol price was reduced by Rs 0.16 paise to Rs 107.72. Diesel price also declined by Rs 0.15 paise to Rs 94.16 per liter. The same fuel prices are continuing in Warangal Rural District.

Fuel prices have come down slightly in Nizamabad. Petrol price has been reduced by Rs 0.33 paise per liter. This brings it to Rs 109.76. Diesel price has been reduced by Rs 0.31 paise to Rs 96.07 per liter. Over the last few days, fuel prices in Nizamabad have fluctuated more than in other parts of the country.

Fuel prices in Andhra Pradesh are as follows. Decreased. It has come down by Rs 0.06 paise per liter to Rs 110.96 per liter. Diesel price was also reduced by Rs 0.08 paise to Rs 96.98. However, there have been slight fluctuations in fuel prices in the Amravati region over the past few days.

Petrol price in the Visakhapatnam market is currently at Rs 109.71. 0.14 paise less than the old price. Diesel price in Visakhapatnam is Rs 95.13. It has come down by Rs 0.13 paise per liter.

Like in Chittoor district ..
Fuel prices have also gone up in Tirupati. The price of a liter of petrol has now reached Rs 111.18. Here it has gone up by Rs 0.33 paise per liter. Over the last few days there have been mostly changes in petrol prices here. Diesel price has been hiked by Rs 0.31 paise to Rs 97.16 per liter. . This effect is well felt on the commoners. Their pockets are cracking. In April last year, crude oil prices reached a lifetime low but did not fall in our country. Are growing over. At that time the central and state governments increased local taxes and kept fuel prices down. At that time the price of a barrel of crude oil was at $ 32.30. Since then, the price of crude oil has been steadily rising and falling slightly to $ 70.91 as of November 29. Despite rising prices, the central and state governments have not reduced the increased taxes. That is why fuel prices are reaching the peak of lives in our country and are causing financial hardship to the common man. Fuel prices have been slashed by Rs 5 to Rs 10 recently with a slight reduction in tariffs.

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