Petrol-Diesel Price, 18 July: Good news! Petrol and diesel prices reduced here today – only an increase here

Until a few days ago, fuel prices in our country were gradually rising and gradually crossed Rs.120 per litre. Recently, the central government has reduced the excise duty once again. This has seen a huge change in prices. The price of petrol has decreased by more than Rs.9 and the price of diesel has decreased by more than Rs.7. Common people feel that this has given them some relief.

The prices in Telangana (Telangana Petrol Price). . Today petrol price is Rs.109.66. And the price of diesel is Rs.97.52. And the prices in Warangal (Warangal Petrol Price) are stable today. Today (July 18), the price of petrol increased by Rs.0.27 paise to Rs.109.43. Diesel price increased by Rs.0.24 paise to Rs.97.59. The same fuel prices are continuing in Warangal Rural district as well.

In Nizamabad (Fuel Price in Nizamabad) petrol price has decreased by Rs.0.69 paise to Rs.111.15 today. Diesel price (Fuel Price in Telangana) decreased by Rs.0.65 paise to Rs.99.20 today. For the last few days, the changes in fuel prices in Nizamabad are good as compared to other places. (Price in Vijayawada) Fuel prices in the market have decreased today. Petrol price increased by Rs.0.17 paise to Rs.112.09 today. Diesel price increased by Rs.0.16 paise to Rs.99.81.

Also, petrol price in Visakhapatnam (Petrol Price in Vizag) market decreased by Rs.0.80 paise to Rs.110.48 today. Diesel price today decreased by Rs.0.74 paise to Rs.98.27. However, fuel prices are slightly fluctuating here for a few days.

Today’s prices in Tirupati are these (Petrol Price in Tirupati)
Petrol price in Tirupati today is Rs. .0.34 paise up to Rs.111.99. Over the past few days, there has been a lot of change in petrol prices here. And the price of diesel has increased by Rs.0.31 paise to Rs.99.67.

The reason for the increase in prices is…
During the last year, the prices of petrol and diesel in our country have been increasing like never before. . This effect is affecting common people. Their pockets are burning. Crude oil prices reached a lifetime low in April last year but did not decrease in our country. More and more are coming. At that time central state governments raised local taxes to keep fuel prices from falling. Then the price of crude oil was at 32.30 dollars per barrel. While currently hovering around $100.. according to the prices of July 18, the price of a barrel of crude oil reached the level of $96.73.

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