Pakistan’s ‘gross insult’, Russia gave this answer for demanding 40% discount on crude oil

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It is not a new thing for Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis, to be insulted on the global front. Now another new episode has been added to it. Actually Pakistan facing oil crisis is trying to buy crude oil from Russia. With the intention of taking advantage of increasing pressure on Russia at the international level, Pakistan demanded a discount of 30 to 40 percent on crude oil from Russia in this deal. But while returning the opposite face to Pakistan, Russia has rejected Pakistan’s proposal by refusing to give discount.

Pakistani delegation recently held talks with their Russian counterparts to buy crude oil from Russia. In which Pakistan has asked for 40 percent discount on crude oil. But Moscow rejected the demand, saying it could not offer anything now as oil commitments had already been met.

The delegation – which included Minister of State for Petroleum Mussadiq Malik, Secretary Petroleum Capt (Retd) Muhammad Mehmood, Joint Secretary and officials of the Pakistani Embassy in Moscow – sought the exemption during talks in Moscow on Wednesday, The News reported. The newspaper quoted its sources as saying that the talks ended without any conclusion.

Russia will give preference to India and China

The newspaper said that Russia can offer crude oil at that rate at the appropriate time to its big customer countries like China and India, which have reliable and strong economies. Over the past few months, Russia has become India’s top oil supplier in October, overtaking traditional sellers Saudi Arabia and Iraq. At the same time, China is also one of the largest customers of Russian oil and gas. Its purchases more than doubled to USD 10.2 billion in October from a year earlier as Chinese importers took advantage of waivers offered by Moscow. All volumes are now committed with large buyers, sources said.

America did not ban

The US has made it clear that it has no objection to Pakistan importing Russian crude, adding that Washington currently does not impose sanctions against Russian energy exports to other countries. The newspaper quoted a US State Department official as saying, “We understand the pressure that governments are facing to supply cheap fuel.”

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