OpenAI Bankruptcy: Earnings are low, the company making ChatGPT is on the verge of bankruptcy

OpenAI Bankruptcy: Earnings are low, the company making ChatGPT is on the verge of bankruptcy

ChatGPT, which is revolutionizing the world of artificial intelligence, has a problem of a different kind. OpenAI, the company that created this conversational AI, is in danger of bankruptcy. According to a report, the company’s earnings are meagre, while its daily expenses run into crores. OpenAI’s company is in danger of bankruptcy. According to the report, OpenAI is not able to earn even a part of the amount that ChatGPT is spending just to maintain it. The company has to spend $700,000 i.e. around Rs 5.80 crore every day on the maintenance of ChatGPT. All possible efforts have been made. The company is running a subscription to its Conversational AI. Even after monetizing ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4, OpenAI is still not able to make money, as it has to spend everyday only on maintenance.

Didn’t live up to the initial hype

ChatGPT is the most talked about product this year. After the arrival of ChatGPT, it happened that it made headlines all over the world and became the center of discussions. Recently it happened that ChatGPT and AI took place in the center of all the debates. This hype also helped ChatGPT to add users initially, which increased its earnings, but this hype did not prove to be sustainable. ChatGPT’s users have been decreasing rapidly during the last few months.

ChatGPT users are decreasing

According to data from SimilarWeb, the number of ChatGPT users in July 2023 will There was a decline of 12 percent. ChatGPT’s user base was 1.7 billion in June 2023, which came down to 1.5 billion in July. This figure includes all users who are visiting ChatGPT’s website. The basic sources of earning of OpenAI are the users who are using the API of OpenAI. Their number is very less compared to the total number of users.

Disadvantages due to these reasons

The biggest problem with ChatGPT and OpenAI is that there are many conversational AI available at the moment, With the help of which the work of the users is being done, but for them the users do not need to take a subscription. ChatGPT has suffered a major loss from Google Bard, whose user interface is also said to be simple. The financial resources available with them are fast depleting. According to the analysis of Analytics India, if the trend continues, OpenAI will be bankrupt by the end of 2024.

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