Onion Latest Price: Now onion inflation will not make you cry! The government will sell these people at just Rs 25 per kg

Onion Latest Price: Now onion inflation will not make you cry!  The government will sell these people at just Rs 25 per kg

Onion prices are making people across the country cry tears of inflation. In such a situation, the government has taken measures to provide relief to the people. Government agencies are providing onions to the people at cheap prices in many cities. Now onion is going to be available to the people of Delhi-NCR at the price of just Rs 25 per kg. This is going to provide great relief to the people who are troubled by inflation.

Danger of increase in inflation during festivals

Onion prices have increased wildly across the country during the last one-two months. . In many parts of the country, retail prices of onion have reached close to Rs 100 per kg. This rise in onion prices has come at a time when the entire country is immersed in festival celebrations. Due to this, the risk of inflation again getting out of control during the festive season has increased. This is why the government is intervening to control onion prices.

Sales at Mother Dairy’s Safal stores

According to a report by news agency PTI, Delhi- People will get onion at the rate of Rs 25 per kg at the successful sales center of Mother Dairy in NCR. The central government says that this step has been taken to provide relief to consumers from the rising prices of onion. Onions will be provided to the people of Delhi-NCR from reserved stores at concessional rates.

This is why prices are increasing

According to the report, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs said in a statement. That in Safal Mother Dairy, the sale of buffer i.e. reserved store onions will start from the end of this week. There is a delay in the arrival of Kharif crop, due to which the prices of onion are increasing. To provide relief to the consumers, retail sale of onion has been started from the buffer stock.

Prices may reduce from next week

According to the ministry, the government has decided to reduce onion prices for the current year. A buffer stock of five lakh tonnes of onion has been maintained. The government plans to create a buffer of additional two lakh tonnes. The government says that due to these steps, there is a downward trend in the wholesale prices of onion. The government says that it is taking time to see its impact in the retail markets. Retail prices are expected to fall from the coming week.

Already getting benefits here

Hyderabad Agricultural Cooperative Union is already providing subsidy to people in Telangana and other southern states. Giving onion. Cooperative agencies NCCF and NAFED are also retailing buffer onions at concessional rates on behalf of the central government. NAFED has so far set up 329 retail centers including mobile vans and station outlets in 55 cities in 21 states. On the other hand, NCCF has started 457 retail centers in 54 cities of 20 states. Kendriya Bhandar has also started retail supply of onion from its outlets in Delhi-NCR from November 3.

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