Multibagger Stocks: A year and a half ago the price was not even Rs 5, today this defense stock has gone up 11 times

Multibagger Stocks: A year and a half ago the price was not even Rs 5, today this defense stock has gone up 11 times

The security sector is considered strategically important. This is such a sector, where the demand never decreases. For this reason, the stocks related to the defense sector also perform well. One such stock is that of Apollo Micro Systems Ltd.

The company is currently valued at Rs.

The company provides various solutions to various government companies under the Ministry of Defense , including high performance mission and critical defense solutions. The company also provides security related solutions to the private sector. Currently, the share price of this company is around Rs 55 and its market capitalization is around Rs 1,280 crore.

Just a victim of profit booking

Apollo Micro System share price in Friday trading There was a decline of 4.40 per cent and it closed at Rs 55.45. At the same time, its shares have fallen by more than 9 percent in the last 5 days. After touching a high of around Rs 64 recently, the stock has become a victim of profit-booking by investors.

315 per cent jump in one year

In about a month, it The stock is in profit of more than 4 percent. In the last 6 months, the price of this share has increased by more than 61 percent. The stock has gained over 81 per cent since the beginning of this year, while it has rallied 315 per cent in the last one year.

Investors got rich like this

< p>20 months ago, the price of one of its shares was less than Rs.5, which is now beyond Rs.55 even after being a victim of profit-booking. This means that it has earned its investors more than 11 times in the last 20 months. Looking at the high level, it has earned its investors up to 16 times.

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