Multibagger Stock: This construction company also makes money, the share price doubled in a year

Multibagger Stock: This construction company also makes money, the share price doubled in a year

To make India a $5 trillion economy and accelerate economic growth, the government is paying a lot of attention to infrastructure. Roads and bridges etc. are being constructed on a large scale across the country. With this, opportunities are being created for investors in the stock market as well. During the last few months, some construction stocks have performed strongly in the market.

Aaj Bhi itna chada chada

Hindustan is one of the leading names among construction stocks that have performed well in the stock market. Of Hindustan Construction Company. Its shares are consistently performing well and are giving excellent returns to the investors. Even today its shares gained 5.33 per cent to reach Rs 24.70.

20 per cent jump this week

The stock price has gained 20 per cent in the last 5 days. An increase of more than 100 per cent has been registered. According to the last one month, its price is in profit of more than 21 percent, whereas in the last 6 months, the price has gone up by more than 68 percent. In the last one year, it has registered a growth of more than 100 percent.

This was the growth throughout the year

A year ago i.e. on August 12, 2022, a company of Hindustan Construction Company The share price was just Rs 12.40, which has now reached Rs 24.70. This is a great growth of 100.81 percent. This also means that this stock has more than doubled its investors’ investment in a year.

Company has these big projects

Talking about the company, its The current market value is Rs 3,740 crore. The company is involved in a number of ongoing infrastructure projects. Currently, the company’s portfolio includes projects such as Ramvan Banihal Road Project in Jammu and Kashmir, Coastal Road Project in Mumbai, Baharampur-Farakka Highway on NH-34 and Farakka-Raiganj Highway in West Bengal, Dhule Highway near Madhya Pradesh border on NH-3 in Maharashtra are included.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for informational purposes only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market is subject to market risks. Always take expert advice before investing money as an investor. never advises anyone to invest money here.

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