Medical Bills Increase: Inflation is cutting the pocket of common people! Now there is a possibility of increasing the prices of medicines, know the reason

Medicines Price: The cost of medicines and medicals in the country is already high. In such a situation, common people may get another shock. Because the pharma industry is facing an increase in the prices of raw materials. According to a TOI report, since the pandemic, industries have seen a rise in raw material prices of some drugs by up to 100 per cent. 

Rising raw material prices even after improvements in supply chain and logistics have created a troubling situation in the industry. There has been an increase in high-value antibiotics including azithromycin and amoxicillin imported from China. It has also been said in the TOI report that there are some medicines where India is completely dependent on China. At the same time, prices of other vitamins, including vitamins B and D, also depend on China’s imports. 

The prices of these medicines doubled 

According to the report, apart from key antibiotics, anti-tuberculosis rifampicin and anti-diabetes metformin are also selling at double the price than before the pandemic, as they are imported in large quantities from abroad and have increased over the past few years. Import costs have gone up. 

Why your medical bill may increase 

The first reason is believed to be that the prices of raw materials used in the manufacture of medicines are increasing rapidly, because the Russia and Ukraine war has affected the import business. At the same time, the second reason is also considered to be the increase in the inflation rate. In addition, some agents are also affecting the import of products. 

Drug imports from China increased 

Over the years the cost has increased only for those drugs for which the raw material is imported from China. Especially The API prices of some drugs like fever and pain reliever, paracetamol, life-saving antibiotic meropenem and anti-diabetic metformin have increased by more than 200 per cent. India is completely dependent on China for such medicines. 

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