Market Next Week: How will be the last week of the financial year? Know what will decide the move!

Market Next Week: How will be the last week of the financial year?  Know what will decide the move!

Share Market Next Week: Barely a week is left for the financial year (FY23) to end. According to the Indian Share Market, now only a few business days of the last week are left in the current financial year. This last week is also going to be affected by the holidays and during this only four days of trading is going to happen. So let’s know how will be the last week of the current financial year for the Indian stock market…

The market will open for four days

First of all know that during this week There will be trading in the stock market only for 04 days. BSE and NSE will remain closed for trading on March 30 on account of Ram Navami. As for the remaining four days, this week can prove to be volatile for the market. In fact, the futures and options series ie F&O series is expiring on March 29 during the week. In such a situation, traders will adjust their positions just before the new series.

These figures are coming

Some important economic figures are also going to come next week. The infrastructure output data for the month of February will come on the last day of the financial year i.e. 31st March. In January, infrastructure output had increased by 7.8 percent on an annual basis. Apart from this, on March 31, the figures of external debt and current account of the fourth quarter will also be released. Investors will also keep an eye on the trend of foreign exchange reserves, including these figures.

These meetings will also have an impact

The next round of G20 meetings is starting this week from March 27 . These meetings starting in Gujarat will continue till 04 April. During this, three conclaves will be organized on different issues. Traders will also track them, as sensitive issues related to economy and trade are also likely to be discussed in them.

These external factors are important

Talking about external factors, next week in America Macroeconomic data is about to be released. Next week, important figures like home sales, GDP growth rate, unemployment, consumer confidence will come in the world’s largest economy. These figures will show in which direction the world’s largest economy is going to move forward.

Disclaimer: (The information provided here is for information only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market Market is subject to risks. Always take expert advice before investing as an investor. Any money is never advised by here.)

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