Maharaja will not bid farewell to Air India! Today the airline will do rebranding; logo will also change

Maharaja will not bid farewell to Air India!  Today the airline will do rebranding;  logo will also change

The farewell of the 77 year old Maharaja of Air India will not happen now. However, he will now be seen in a new role, whose workload will be reduced. Instead of playing the role of a mascot, the chubby belly lovable maharaja can now be found in premium airline classes and airport lounges. This is part of the rebranding of Air India. According to media reports, today i.e. on August 10, he is expected to appear in New Delhi in the presence of top officials of Tata Group. 

Air India will be seen in a new look 

The airline’s current logo features a red swan with a distinctive orange Konark Chakra. This change is expected to make way for a combination dress of three colors – red, white and purple. The red and white colors have already been in Air India, while the purple has been carried over in detail. In such a situation, the color and appearance of Air India can change completely. Earlier this year, Air India CEO Campbell Wilson had said that the airline is set to launch several new services as part of the rebranding journey. 

Maharaja will not have a holiday

It has been said in the report that the Maharaja will not be discharged. It has a deep connection with people of a certain age. In such a situation, the airline wants to preserve the memories of the passengers. In such a situation, Maharaja can get a new role. In addition, it is felt that the Maharaja can still create associations for passengers like the ‘Singapore Girl’ for Singapore Airlines. 

When did the Maharaja come 

The Maharaja of Air India was formed in 1946 by Bobby Kuka. Kuka was the commercial director of the airline and has been instrumental in building the Air India brand around the Maharaja’s personality and the Maharaja. Now it is a part of the rebranding of Air India. It has gained momentum after the inclusion of Futurebrands, a London-based brand and design consultancy company in December 2022, to take the process forward. Along with the significant change of brand, AI is also expecting a change in its financial position. 

Air India raising funds of 3 thousand crores 

Tata Group’s Air India is in talks with commercial banks to raise about Rs 3,000 crore. According to a Business Standard report, Rs 3,000 crore of debt is required by the airline to make the down payment under the sale and leaseback deal with the lessors. Let us tell you that in February this year, the airline had ordered 470 aircraft. 

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