Mahadev Book: Earn 8-8 hundred crores every month from online betting, big money of Mahadev app users also invested in stock market

Mahadev Book: Earn 8-8 hundred crores every month from online betting, big money of Mahadev app users also invested in stock market

Mahadev betting scam is in the headlines right now. Continuous raids have been conducted in this case and shocking revelations have been made in every action. In this case, the Enforcement Directorate i.e. ED has now filed a prosecution complaint. In the prosecution complaint, which is considered equivalent to a charge sheet, the ED claims that the operators of the Mahadev app have earned Rs 800 crore every month through online betting. 40 lakh earnings

ED says that on the basis of investigation conducted so far, the earning from Mahadev Satta App has been estimated. According to initial estimates, the promoters of Mahadev Satta App were earning Rs 30-40 lakh every month from each panel. The number of active panels available as of now is more than 2000. If seen in this way, the promoters of Mahadev App were earning Rs 600 to 800 crore every month from the betting network.

Scam of more than Rs 5000 crore

ED has just estimated. It is alleged that this entire scam of Mahadev Satta App is worth more than Rs 5000 crore. Saurabh Chandrakar and Ravi Uppal have been made the main accused in this case. Both of them are the promoters of Mahadev Satta Network and they are also the main beneficiaries of the entire Satta scam. Non-bailable warrants have been issued against both of them. However, till now both are out of the reach of the investigating agencies. For this reason, preparations are now underway to issue a Red Corner Notice against him. For this, ED has requested CBI, which is authorized to contact Interpol to issue Red Corner Notice.

Modus operandi of speculation scam

This entire scam The most important thing to know is to know the modus operandi, i.e. the manner in which the scam was carried out on such a large scale. ED believes that Chandrakar and Uppal were operating the betting network on the basis of franchise model. He was getting the support of many associates in running this entire network.

Profits were shared accordingly

Many operators were created for this. All operators were given panels by Mahadev Satta Network. The operator’s job was to allot user IDs to the betting players, provide them coins after taking money, etc. In other words, it was the job of the panel operator to collect money from the bettors and make them play the bets. In this franchise model, profit was shared in the ratio of 70-30. That is, 70 percent of the profit from each panel belonged to the promoters, while 30 percent of the profit remained with the panel operator.

This is how the money was transferred

Deposited with the panel operator. The money earned was sent to the promoters sitting abroad through various illegal routes including Hawala. Vikas Chhaparia used to handle the work related to Hawala for Mahadev App. People like Govind Kedia and Amil Saraogi were helping him in this work. The money was transferred to the promoters after rotating it in 3-4 layers. For this, the help of professional international hawala operators based in Mumbai and Gujarat was taken.

Main center in UAE

The promoters of Mahadev App used to handle all the work sitting abroad. The promoters of Mahadev App i.e. Chandrakar and Uppal were earlier in UAE. Now ED suspects that both the promoters keep visiting Sri Lanka, Australia, London and other Caribbean countries. The main call center of Mahadev App was running from UAE, in which about 1000 WhatsApp users were working. Most of the users working in the call center were from Chhattisgarh.

Money was being returned from FPI

The most shocking information that ED has received during the investigation in this entire matter is, That is, the money of Mahadev Satta Scam was coming back to India after roaming around and was being invested in the stock market. During the investigation, ED came to know about three companies M/s Perfect Plan Investments LLP, M/s Exim General Trading FZCO and M/s Techpro IT Solutions LC. ED suspects that these companies were investing the money collected from Mahadev Satta Scam in the Indian stock market through the FPI route. ED has currently frozen the cash derivatives and securities of these companies, whose value is around Rs 240 crore.

Suspected of being hidden in this small country

Chandrakar, promoters of betting network. And regarding Uppal, ED has found out in its investigation that both of them have taken citizenship of Vanuatu. Vanuatu is a small island country located between Papua New Guinea and Fiji in the South Pacific. Now the investigating agencies are trying to extradite both of them from there. Issuing Red Corner Notice from Interpol is a part of these efforts.

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