Liquor Price in India: Liquor is the cheapest in these states of India, the difference is up to 5 times depending on the city.

Liquor Price in India: Liquor is the cheapest in these states of India, the difference is up to 5 times depending on the city.

Excise department is considered very important among the sources of revenue for governments. This is a department that fills the treasury of every government. Governments also do not leave any opportunity to take maximum advantage of it. You can understand it like this that if the price of a brand of liquor is Rs 100 in one city, it may be Rs 500 in another city. Let us know in which state of the country liquor is the cheapest and where people are buying the most expensive liquor… and we will also know what causes the price of the same brand to vary in different states. Reasons are responsible.

The difference comes up to 5 times.

First of all let us understand with an example. Currently, if you are buying any brand of beer in Delhi for Rs 130-150, then you can buy the same thing in Goa for Rs 90-100, whereas in states like Karnataka and Maharashtra, you may have to pay up to Rs 200. In many cases this difference in liquor prices goes up to 4-5 times. Meaning, for liquor available for Rs 100 in one city, you may have to pay up to Rs 500 in another city.

This is why the price gets different

Now know this. It is important why there is such a difference in the prices of liquor according to the states… The biggest reason for this is tax. All state governments impose separate taxes on liquor. The rates of this tax vary according to the states. Apart from this, excise policies of state governments also contribute. For example, before the liquor scam case started in Delhi, the new liquor policy was implemented and at that time private vendors were offering discounts to people even on MRP. That system may have ended in Delhi, but is still in force in many states.

Taxes differ according to states

In a report by The Times of India, the International Spirits & The Wines Association of India has been quoted as explaining how tax rates differ across states. For this, the association has prepared an MRP index including tax and other factors. Let’s look at this index…

State MRP Index Share of tax in MRP
Karnataka 513 83%
Telangana 246 68%
Maharashtra 226 71%
Rajasthan 213 69%
Uttar Pradesh 197 66%
Haryana 147 47%
Delhi 134 62%
Goa 100 49%
  Source: The International Spirits & Wines Association of India  

This is how the difference is made

In this you saw that the MRP index is the lowest in Goa. Meaning, the cheapest liquor in the country is available in Goa. On the other hand, MRP index is highest in Karnataka, which means prices are highest there. Understand this with an example. The liquor which you are getting for Rs 100 in Goa, its price will become Rs 134 in Delhi, while in Karnataka the rate will reach Rs 513.

Liquor is cheap in these states too

< p>Apart from Goa, the tax on liquor is relatively low in some cities/states. For this reason, liquor is available there at lower than average prices. After Goa, the cheapest liquor is available in Pondicherry. After that, some names of cheap states in terms of liquor are as follows – Daman and Diu, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi.

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