Layoffs: After Twitter, Meta, now this company is going to lay off, will remove 450 employees

Layoffs: After Twitter, Meta, now this company is going to lay off, will remove 450 employees

Layoffs 2023: Many companies are doing layoffs due to global economic crisis and rising inflation. Now another firm has made preparations for retrenchment. 450 people will lose their jobs from here. With this retrenchment, the company will reduce the number of employees by 2 percent of the total workforce. 

These layoffs are being done by US Biotechnology firm Amgen Inc. The company is laying off employees due to pressure on drug prices and high level of inflation. At the same time, many US giants have done layoffs before this. Which big US companies have laid off and what has been its effect on India. 

These big companies laid off 

Twitter was one of the first IT giants to reduce its workforce during the last year. Twitter fired around 10,000 employees last year. The same process has continued in January 2023 as well. In addition, companies such as Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix are involved.

Employees fired in 2022 more than recession 

According to the data of, more than 2 lakh employees were fired in 2022. According to another report by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a global outplacement and career transitioning firm, 1,004 tech companies will lay off 152,421 employees globally in 2022-23, more than the 2008 recession. 65000 workers were fired during 2008. 

Layoffs at some major companies

  • Facebook parent Meta to lay off 11,000 workers, now 10,000.
  • Spotify to lay off 600 workers
  • Alphabet Inc. to eliminate 12,000 jobs.< /li>
  • Microsoft will cut 10,000 jobs.
  • Amazon lays off 18,000.
  • Twitter Inc first fired 200 then 3700 employees.
  • Salesforce will cut 10 percent job.
  • HP Inc will lay off 6000 employees.
  • Dell Technologies Inc will lay off 6650 employees.  

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