Laptop Import: Government has simplified the licensing rules for laptop and computer import, now import will be done through the new system.

Laptop Import: Government has simplified the licensing rules for laptop and computer import, now import will be done through the new system.

Laptop Import: The central government has changed the old licensing rules for import of IT hardware products like laptops, computers. Now an online approval system has been established for import of such products. Keep in mind that the government had said in August that the import of laptops, tablets and computers will be kept under the license system from November 1. However, Commerce Secretary Sunil Barthwal had said in a press conference last week that there will be no ban on the import of laptops and computers in India. He also said that the government will monitor the import consignments of importers. 

The new system will be implemented with immediate effect

Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) Santosh Kumar Sarangi said, "The purpose of the new licensing or approval regime is primarily to monitor the imports of these products to ensure that they are coming from reliable sources. This system will come into effect with immediate effect."

End-to-end online system launched

He said that keeping in mind the concerns of stakeholders regarding restrictions on imports, some changes have been made in the policy. ‘End-to-end’ online system has been launched for importers. Sarangi said that this system will provide facility to importers to fill the contact details without going anywhere. The new licensing regime is applicable to laptops, personal computers (including tablet computers), microcomputers, large or mainframe computers and certain data processing machines to ensure India’s reliable supply-chain.

Importers can start applying

DGFT said that an importer can now apply on the system to obtain an import license. There will be no restriction on quantity, price or any country. The Revenue Department is also involved in the preparation of the new system and the entire application process will take approximately 10 minutes and the simple license will be issued automatically.

Who will not get the license

However, companies included in the ‘Rejected Entity List’ will not get licenses. Such list includes companies that have not fulfilled or defaulted on export obligations by availing schemes like Advance Authorization and Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG), or have DRI (Directorate of Revenue Intelligence) cases pending against them."

Companies wishing to import second-hand goods or refurbished goods will also not be allowed to apply for this license as the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is different for them. Santosh Sarangi said, "Although an online system has been implemented, these IT hardware products are still under the curb category and there is no change in this."

This announcement is also important because the government had announced on August 4 that with the aim of promoting domestic manufacturing and cutting imports from countries like China, importers will need a license to import these items from November 1. However, later the government announced relaxation in this.

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