Jio-Plume Deal: Reliance Jio’s big deal, partnership with Plume – will provide smart home small business services

Jio-Plume Deal: Reliance Jio’s big deal, partnership with Plume – will provide smart home small business services

Jio-Plume Deal: India’s largest telecom network Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited has made another big deal. Under this, Jio has partnered with Plum, a leader in the field of network service and consumer experience. Through this partnership, Reliance along with Jio-Plum will provide market leading smart home and small business services to its subscribers across the country.

What will be the specialty of the deal

Through this partnership, the benefits of Plum’s state-of-the-art advanced cloud platform services can be extended to 200 campuses in India. Jio specializes in providing fixed-line, meeting the digital needs of customers in India. Keep in mind that wireless services are provided through the cloud. In which all the infrastructure is hosted. For this purpose, Jio has created world class Jio Fiber and Jio AirFiber networks. Through this, it has been designed to provide reliable and high-speed internet and entertainment services to every home in the country.

Overall customer experience will become better

With this new partnership, Jio will deploy Home Pass and Work Pass customer services – including whole-home adaptive, enabled by Plum’s AI-operated and cloud-based platform. Through this cloud platform services, Plum will provide access to WiFi connected devices and application performance optimization, cyber threat protection for connected devices, advanced parental controls, WiFi motion sensing and more. Plum’s Haystack Support and Operations Suite will enable Jio’s customer support. Through this, it will be easier for Jio’s operations teams to analyze and performance related issues can be resolved faster. This will make it easier for customer support to find the cause of network faults and find solutions, improving the overall customer experience.

What did the President of Reliance Jio say

Reliance Jio President Mathew Ooman said about this that "As we continue to expand our portfolio of connected home services. It is important for Jio that we provide the most advanced and safe in-home digital services to our customers with the best end-to-end customer experience."

What does Plum’s Chief Revenue Officer have to say

Plum’s Chief Revenue Officer Adrian Fitzgerald says that the partnership with Jio marks an important global expansion of Plum’s services, which remains the leading telecom power in Asia. Our ability to deliver a tailored and highly scalable cloud-based offering that meets the needs of the Indian market will enable Jio to rapidly expand its services.

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